Monday, 9 August 2010

The theatre seems very, very quiet this morning...

Stage Experience is over for another year - none of us can quite believe it! We'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came to see the show: your support meant a lot and it was great to see packed houses at every performance. And a special thank you and congratulations to all the youngsters who took part - you produced a blinder of a show that is still being talked about all over the county this morning (my phone hasn't stopped ringing with members of the press passing on their compliments!).

So I hope you all enjoyed it too, and here's one last picture of our brilliant producer Kerry and our wonderful director Ed - the unsung heroes of the whole piece!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Hard work = raging success!

Sorry for the blog silence yesterday folks - it was rather a manic one! Here are a couple of pics from the dress rehearsal, enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More Dress updates!

We're half way through the dress rehearsal at the moment and everything seems to be on track! It's fab to hear the singing with the backing of the band, who are really tremendous.

A couple of shots here taken before everyone took to the stage - including one of the props table: can you work out when each of the props are needed and who uses them?

We'll have lots of shots from the rehearsal itself to put up tomorrow and whet your appetite for opening night...

Dress Rehearsal day

There's a mild air of panic around the theatre today as it is the final day of rehearsals before opening night tomorrow. There are some last minute costume repairs going on as I type, and the principals have been called a little earlier than everyone else to polish off the last few rough edges. I'll have lots more photos by the end of the day - Mark is coming back in later to photograph the final dress rehearsal.

Remember, if you're taking part in Fame you can purchase a CD of all Mark's Stage Experience pictures for just £10, £2.50 of which goes to Cancer Research UK. Order your copy now!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day 10 - the media buzz is building!

A very exciting morning already! Trev and Hamish from Jack FM came down and watched the cast run through Hard Work and Fame, which looked pretty fantastic from where we were sat, especially considering the limited amount of time they have had to rehearse. The boys from Jack then interviewed a few of the senior cast members as well as our mildly harrassed director. Everyone is quite tired but still full of enthusiasm and really looking forward to Thursday night.

Tune in to Jack FM's breakfast show on Thursday morning to hear exactly what they all had to say!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday, Monday!

And the set has arrived! Which is very exciting - the tech crew are very busy loading everything in and constructing it, under the watchful eye of Stage Manager Sarah and Jon, our Chief LX. So far everything is going fantastically smoothly and the cast will soon be able to take to the stage once more.

The weekend was a successful one - there was even a complete run through of Act 1, which I think must be a Stage Experience record! It's great to see all the hard work paying off, and I'll put some more photos up later today.

Remember, if you haven't got your tickets yet you can get them from the New Theatre box office, by ringing 0844 847 1585 or by visiting our website here, - if you're planning on bringing a group of people, call our dedicated Groups team on 0844 372 7272. Do it now!