Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 3...


Well it has been a manic start to this year's Stage Experience but things are now well under way and everyone seems to be having a great time. We've been busy taking pictures around the building during rehearsals, so there'll be pictures of everyone hard at work up here soon.

In the meantime, why not have a listen to this clip from Jack FM's visit to the theatre today? Trev came down and had a chat with Ed and a couple of cast members to find out exactly what is going on and why everyone should come and see the show.

More news soon!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A report from the mad house...

This coming Sunday sees the official start of Stage Experience, but for my team in the Production office it began several months ago – planning, organising, sorting through all the admin and ensuring everything will go smoothly over the next couple of weeks. However, the last fortnight has certainly seen the chaos go up a level or ten, and behind-the-scenes is now a manic hive of activity!

Over the last week, Gill and I have been busy washing over 100 bits and pieces of costume, ready to be distributed among the cast (see the pics of Wardrobe!). We’ve picked up 16 mission band suits and are currently scratching our heads to work out how to make hats to go with them. The supplies for Tuck Shop have been ordered and will be delivered tomorrow (and I’ve made sure I know exactly how many boxes there are so that none of the theatre staff can sneak themselves a treat), and we’ve got stationary all piled up and ready to go. Christina is busy collating biographies and editorial for the show programme (if you have a principal role and haven’t sent yours in, DO IT NOW) and Gill is currently making signs to make sure you don’t get lost in the backstage corridors the theatre.

Speaking of the building, we’re also busy trying to make sure that everything is clean and ready for you guys to use. This involves a lot of Health and Safety checks and a lot of hard work by our cleaning staff, especially as everything is currently being used by the production team from our Christmas show, South Pacific, who are here for a week’s tech rehearsal before the show opens in London. We’ve also allocated all the dressing rooms ready for you to move into in second week. And on top of ALL of this, I’m still doing my full-time job as Assistant Marketing Manager, organising advertising campaigns for over 40 forthcoming shows. And whilst I’ve got my marketing hat on, remember that we need all your efforts to sell tickets for Guys and Dolls Jr – make sure all your friends and family are coming along to see your star turn and get booking those tickets now!

Sunday is only 115 hours away – I predict another few sleepless nights for us...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An update from our illustrious leader!

With less than four weeks to go, Monday 11th July was a busy day in the life of the Stage Experience 2011.

Since the auditions I have been pondering ideas for the show, talking with assistant director Ashley Harvey about the themes and structure of the piece and what we can do to put our stamp on what is an absolute classic. I'm really enjoying working with Ashley who is one of the cleverest and most creative directors in Oxfordshire - his addition to the team is exciting for all involved!

Yesterday I had a meeting with the ever-busy and productive Kerry Arnold and Gill Baines. We discussed groups, who can be best used for which sections and how we can make sure that the cast get the most they can out of the production, how best to work on Monday 15th August when we can't get into the auditorium because our set is being built, how to costume a period show and all manner of other things...

Then in the evening I had a great chat with our MD John Beswick about the music and he is working incredibly hard to get us the show we want, with the material we need to keep all 129 of you as busy as possible! We have some very exciting opportunities for dance, as well as some great acting opportunities and some additional singing that you might not expect, so there is something for everyone over the 10 days of rehearsals.

The aim with NTSE 2011 is to look back at Fame 2010, enhance all the positives and try to improve on areas we feel we can: its our mission to give the cast and tech team the best two weeks of their summer holidays!

I'm excited! Are you?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Our lovely project photographer Mark came down to the auditions to take pictures of you all, accompanied and assisted by the equally lovely Vanessa! A couple of them are posted below, but they'll all be available to buy in August...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

After all of your excellent auditions, we have cast 14 of the main roles and sent out emails to all auditionees, so that by now you should know whether you will be part of Stage Experience 2011! Woot! The principle cast are listed below:

Nicely-Nicely Johnson – Adam Biggs

Benny Southstreet – Ryan Anderson

Rusty Charlie – Myles Osborn-Banton

Sarah Brown – Georgina Hendry

Agatha Abernathy – Rebecca Goldie

Harry The Horse – Gregory Birkes

Lt. Brannigan – Sam Barton

Nathan Detroit – Luke Saunders

Angie the Ox – Gwilym Temple

Miss Adelaide – Eve Norris

Sky Masterson – Edd Bird

Mimi – Jade White

General Cartwright – Adriana Perucca

Big Jule – Georgina Smith-Blacker

Don't worry if you haven't got one of these roles - the chorus plays an integral part in any musical theatre production, and several smaller speaking roles will also be cast during the two weeks of Stage Experience.

Now, back to filing all your forms! Phew. It's hard work this producing lark...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Auditions - phew...

First of all - thank you so so much to everyone who came along to the open auditions yesterday! There were 178 of you in total and you were all fantastic (I was a little jealous of you all learning those dance steps so quickly! Grrr.) We're in the process of sorting out all the paperwork and we'll be in touch very soon with all the cast details and information on the next steps.

In the meantime, keep working on those jazz hands...