Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An update from our illustrious leader!

With less than four weeks to go, Monday 11th July was a busy day in the life of the Stage Experience 2011.

Since the auditions I have been pondering ideas for the show, talking with assistant director Ashley Harvey about the themes and structure of the piece and what we can do to put our stamp on what is an absolute classic. I'm really enjoying working with Ashley who is one of the cleverest and most creative directors in Oxfordshire - his addition to the team is exciting for all involved!

Yesterday I had a meeting with the ever-busy and productive Kerry Arnold and Gill Baines. We discussed groups, who can be best used for which sections and how we can make sure that the cast get the most they can out of the production, how best to work on Monday 15th August when we can't get into the auditorium because our set is being built, how to costume a period show and all manner of other things...

Then in the evening I had a great chat with our MD John Beswick about the music and he is working incredibly hard to get us the show we want, with the material we need to keep all 129 of you as busy as possible! We have some very exciting opportunities for dance, as well as some great acting opportunities and some additional singing that you might not expect, so there is something for everyone over the 10 days of rehearsals.

The aim with NTSE 2011 is to look back at Fame 2010, enhance all the positives and try to improve on areas we feel we can: its our mission to give the cast and tech team the best two weeks of their summer holidays!

I'm excited! Are you?

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